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Game of Thrones (Luke 4)

with | September 29, 2023
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Is your family playing "game of thrones"?

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  • Is your family playing "game of thrones"?

Game of Thrones (Luke 4)

September 29, 2023
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Ron: Is your family playing “Game of Thrones”?

Announcer: For FamilyLife Blended®, here’s Ron Deal.

Ron: We all have a kingdom and we often try to conquer other kingdoms. Whether it’s a bully on the playground, a business, Wall Street, or social-political agendas, it’s all pretty much a game of thrones. When Satan offered Jesus the kingdoms of the world in Luke 4 Jesus replied, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve.” You see, your kingdom is what you worship.

We play game of thrones at home, too. My agenda for you, my comforts, my expectations become my kingdom. So, how do we stop? Submit to God’s rule, set aside your kingdom, and the game of thrones dies. For FamilyLife Blended I’m Ron Deal.

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