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Being Trustworthy

with | September 11, 2023
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Trust calms the heart.

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  • Trust calms the heart.

Being Trustworthy

September 11, 2023
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Ron: Trust calms the heart.

Announcer: For FamilyLife Blended®, here’s Ron Deal.

Ron: You know, without trust relationships fall apart. Whether we’re talking about our politicians, our parents, a salesman, a spouse, or God trust is vital. So, we have to be trustworthy people. Family therapist, Terry Hargrave says trustworthy relationships have a strong balance of giving and receiving love and trustworthy people are predictable—meaning they’re responsible and reliable to keep their promises.

Now, God is all of these things. Aren’t you glad that He is! If we want to be like Him and want strong, intimate relationships where people feel safe and loved, then we need to be trustworthy people. Are you? For FamilyLife Blended, I’m Ron Deal.

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