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Act With Understanding (Proverbs 11)

with | September 7, 2023
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You know it's true: we often judge what we don't understand.

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  • You know it's true: we often judge what we don't understand.

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Act With Understanding (Proverbs 11)

September 07, 2023
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Ron: You know it’s true: we often judge what we don’t understand.

Announcer: For FamilyLife Blended®, here’s Ron Deal.

Ron: There are a lot of things about stepfamily living that people who don’t live in a stepfamily find hard to understand. For the most part, people are supportive of their blended-family friends and family. But not everyone. The Bible says in Proverbs 11, “A man who lacks judgment belittles his neighbor, but a man of understanding holds his tongue.”

From the outside it’s easy to criticize stepfamilies or disparage their spiritual journey. But those who take the time to understand discover that, stepfamilies like all families, consist of imperfect people who are redeemed by a Savior. Don’t’ make fun of your neighbor. Hold your tongue in understanding. For FamilyLife Blended, I’m Ron Deal.

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