It Can Happen: A Stronger Relationship With Your Mother- Or Daughter-in-Law

Could a healthier relationship with your mother-in-law or daughter-in-law be closer than you think? Whether your struggle is one of feeling unseen, unheard, or unvalued, authors and in-laws Barbara and Stacy Reaoch have been there. They insist your relationship can succeed, even when it’s painful. And they’ll show you how.

Authors and in-laws Barbara and Stacy Reaoch show how your mother- or daughter-in-law relationship can succeed--even when it's painful.
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Meet Series Guests

Barbara Reaoch

Barbara Reaoch, author of A Better Than Anything Christmas (2020), is the former director of the children’s division at Bible Study Fellowship International. Her home is Minneapolis, Minn., with her husband Ron. Prior to her role at BSF, Barbara and Ron lived in Cape Town, South Africa, to teach Bible Study Fellowship classes. They also worked with the Rafiki Foundation to train young women in job and life skills. You can connect with her at

Stacy Reaoch

Stacy Reaoch is a pastor’s wife, mother of four, and the author of Wilderness Wanderings: Finding Contentment in the Desert Times of Life. She has written for various ministries including Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition, and Revive Our Hearts. Stacy and her husband, Ben, (Barbara’s son) live in Pittsburgh, Penn., with their children. You can find more about Stacy and her writings at