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Introduction to the Family Life HomeBuilders Couples and Parenting Series


We all grow up dreaming of getting married and living happily ever after. But after the wedding, many discover that marriage is not all they had hoped it would be. Some are experiencing great stress on their relationship from our changing culture. Others just hope for something more in their relationship than they are currently experiencing.

Families of faith are not immune. They experience the same challenges – and more if they are living cross-culturally. How can they bring hope to others when they have lost hope at home?

People everywhere are seeking answers to questions like: Can we still have fun together? Is there a way to have the kind of marriage and family I always dreamed of? How can I reach out to my neighbors and bring hope to their families?

These are serious questions. But they are questions of great opportunity as well. The HomeBuilders studies on this website help people find answers – and hope. These booklets are designed for small groups to use in a variety of comfortable settings. They point people to the Scriptures and give them tools to apply these truths to their lives and families. You will be amazed at how quickly relationships are formed, too.

You can make your marriage all that God intended it to be. And you can help your neighbors find answers and hope too.

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