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About HomeBuilders



  • Practical, Biblically-based small-group studies on marriage and parenting topics
  • Little or no previous Bible knowledge required.
  • Designed to be used in the privacy of a home
  • Provides a fun, safe, supportive environment to learn how to have a better marriage and family
  • Short-term time commitment. Most studies have about six 1-1/2 hour sessions.
  • Application questions for couples to discuss privately (outside of the small-group meeting) so they can apply the Biblical principles to their own individual marriages.
  • Easy to lead by laymen. Leader is a facilitator, not a teacher.
  • Wide variety of topics. Leaders guide available.

 How to Start a HomeBuilders Group

  • Pray as a couple
  • Decide on a study*
  • Decide who to invite*
  • Decide on a meeting time and place*
  • Personally invite couples to join
  • Have an organizational meeting (Optional)

    * = Can be decided at an organizational meeting

How to Lead a HomeBuilders Group

  • Pray for the couples in your group.
  • Read the questions and let the group participants respond. You are to facilitate rather than teach.
  • Prepare for the lessons with your spouse. Plan which questions to skip if time is short.
  • Review the ground rules with the group at the start of each lesson.



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